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personal note.

Dear Jaynnie (from Jaynnie)

You are actually an amazing person with some awesome ideas. I know that you have trouble getting things down on paper but it’s nothing to be worried about. I think that a lot of your concern for starting something comes from how much you know you have missed through the semester.

At the moment you’re writing up your humanistic-existential assignment and you wrote a lot off the top of your head (500 words) on a subject you’ve only spent 27 hours on (combined lecture time).

Now, I know you’ve run out of steam and you’re thinking of stopping for tonight and finishing it tomorrow BUT I don’t think you should, I think you need to hammer out the rest and start with your referencing as soon as you can.

In the future I think we need to work out a better system. You’re actually really quite enjoying this, just as you did the last one and you do wish that you could have more time to ponder over things and learn new things that you’re just discovering.

I want you to be aware of the reason you’re writing this, it’s so that when you read it you’re aware of how not scary it is to do this sort of thing.

So far you’ve been at it for 9 hours (not a solid nine hours), if we want to include breaks and distractions it’s possibly more like 6 or 7 hours, when you think of it like that why did you not start this ages ago?
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*pokes out tongue*

I need a kick in the arse sometimes!